Friday, 25 May 2012

NOTD - OPI Designer Series - Radiance

This polish was on my lust list for a long time. I was absolutely desperate for it but never got round to shelling out for it, but managed to get it in a swap. I was so excited until I put it on....

 For the price these polishes are (£16.75 direct from Lena White) this was just not as wow as I was expecting, in fact to my eye it was just a bog standard silver foil, albeit a little more flash in the sun than say Your Royal Shine-ness 

Also I think you can see on my thumb nail and some of my other fingers, it cracked up! No polish (bar shatters obvs!) have ever done that before and I did nothing to make it do this!
Overall, this just didn't wow me, so I swapped it for more polishes I did like! Radiance is available from Lena White and QVC


  1. it looks stunning though, the foil is superb (despite the boo boo on thumb) and no streaks at all xx liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. It is a great foil in that respect, most OPI foils are pretty good so it was not worth the cost these are to buy!