Monday, 21 May 2012

*waves* hello!

As I have yet again been missing in action again for a fair while, I thought I would post an update about me and how things are going my end, especially with regards to my resolutions! Being nicer to myself hasn't really gone too well, I still have a big problem with 'me' and have yet to like the me I am. Being healthier is also not going to plan but my last resolution will clear that up. I initially lost a lot of weight in light of recent events but I am now up and down like a yo-yo, I need to get a grip again before it all goes back on, so I have started taking more care this week. Be more selective? Uhhhhmmmm, well Feel Unique no longer do a beauty box and Carmine are no more but I do get GlossyBox and JolieBox again! But there is 2 more newbies on the market that I have yet to be lured too! I have though, been buying myself stuff! Sure most of my new wardrobe was courtesy of my birthday money but I have also spent other money on myself which almost never happens! The last one is a biggy and the hardest to write but will explain my sporadic posting. I split up with my husband so needless to say blogging took a back seat for a while. But feeling a bit brighter now, I shall be staying in the house for the time being but will be moving at some point, just me and the kids. I also left my TA position and my course, god I hated it! I have decided to pursue my first love and would like to do a make-up course but need the money first! So there that is a small update from me, hopefully I shall now be up for posting a bit more frequently! Kelly x

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