Sunday, 24 June 2012

Review 50 Shades Trilogy

By now practically every woman (and I guess some men!) have heard about the 50 Shades books, if not you must be living under a rock!

I actually read these a few months ago after reading a review in a magazine, before the whole lot seemingly became the cult books they are now!

Firstly, I shall say if you like your books to be written with style, substance and experience then these probably aren't for you. You can tell straight off that these are novels by a new writer and if you can ignore that and the sometimes repetitive tones of the books then give them a go!

But I could overlook it and glad I read them before I knew these started off as 'Fan Fiction' based on Edward Cullen and Bella Swan from the Twilight series as to be frank, I am not anywhere near a Twi-Hard and have no desire to be!

The book centres around the frankly, drop dead sexy (yes, I fell for the fictional Mr Grey) Christian Grey and the not-quite-as-annoying-as-Bella Anastasia Steele. From the one Twilight film I have seen, I can honestly see no resemblance of Grey to Cullen but could see where the inspiration for Ana came from, although like I say she is less annoying than Bella.

The love story behind the book is sweet, if a little unbelievable. Yes, some relationships go at warp speed, I for one have been in the situation myself but Ana's doubts mean the ending to me seems a bit silly. I won't give too much away!

But to be honest, what I and I should imagine most people have read these for is the sex, or er, kinky fuckery as its often described in the book! The sex scenes are hot, I won't lie. Also made me wish I was not a single girl when I read them! The BDSM aspect is actually quite well done, having been to the Torture Garden in London many years ago Grey's dominant nature is well written and having met plenty of dominants of both sexes the control aspect is spot on too. Whereas Ana, a virgin at the start of the book not being scared off is a little unbelievable, I was a little scared of the goings on at the Torture Garden and I was not a virgin and nor was I as unwordly as Ana!

The latest in the press suggests that next year will spawn a whole heap of 50 Shades babies in the US and I can see why!

Every single shop that sells books where I live are stripped bare where the 50 Shades trilogys reside, one trip to WH Smiths was greeted by a couple of giggling women thumbing through a solitary copy of 50 Shades Freed and regaling eachother about the first book and how many of their friends had read it or talked about it. Sales of rope have increased in DIY stores, mainly being bought by women, how insane is that?!

All in all, I devoured all 3 books in 4 days, which for me is unheard of! I got mine of the Kindle so no worries about not getting them!

If you haven't read them and want too, you might have a search on your hands, its overtaken Harry Potter as the fastest selling books EVER, if you have read them, what do you think?
Current talks of a film have a few ideas for the two main characters but in my head Grey was Christian Bales (yes, I know he is to old but he has the right amount of bastard in him and looks just right!) and Ana was Anne Hathaway, I will not be that interested if Ana is played by Kristen Stewart as rumours suggest as frankly, she is a misery guts who I am not keen on!


  1. Ive never read them, but already have Jared pictured as Mr Grey (Oh my!!!) Can't get them for love nor money here in the kindgom as they are banned, however, I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on my copy when I get home. Having read your review I'm going to order them from Amazon and then have them sent to the parents house - best pre warn them!

    1. No Jared Bex! Sexy as he is he is not Grey!

      Yes, please warn your mum, if she hasn't read them that is!

  2. Great review! I've just started the 3rd one and loving them especially sexy Mr Grey! x

    1. Thank you :)

      Gosh yes, he is so sexy! Shame he is fictional!