Saturday, 30 June 2012

Find your foundation shade.......

in any brand at the click of a button!

Yes really! Have you been coloured matched at a counter or found the perfect drug store colour? Want to take advantage of online shops and discounts but unsure on the colour to go for?

Well try this brilliant new website

You basically add two matches, or more if you have them, and the website finds matches from all sorts of brands, and the brand list is increasing all the time!

I think this website is a fabulous idea! I am not keen on visiting counters after a not so good experience at a Boots No 7 counter! Would have been great if I had wanted to resemble a banana, tasty!

This tells you how much a colour matches, so while there may not be an exact match in a brand it gives you what kind of percentage the match is, which is actually quite accurate! It gave me one example I had tried in a colour I was told would match and didn't, this was given a 53% chance of being a match. 

This website is still in the new stages and brands are being added regularly, but you can also add your own faithful brand if it isn't listed.

I will definitely be using this site in the future, especially when make-up websites have special offers that are too good to resist!

Hope you find this website as helpful as I do!

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