Wednesday, 17 August 2011

London Town!

Ok, so yesterday I went to London to (finally) meet some ladies who had shared the ups and downs of pregnancy with me in 2006.
Now, I will readily admit to being nervous as a nervous thing. What to wear? Make-up or no? What to do with my hair? I know that they would not care either way, but for someone with 'issues' it was a fairly big deal.

Anyway, went for soft make-up, which promptly got sweated off in a run-for-train-carry-impossibly-tall-4-year-old. Which we missed anyway. Damnit! This on top of the grime which appeared to just attach itself to my face made me wish I had stuck with my usual bare faced look!
So, hair, easy in hot weather ponytail, oh what a shock!


I wore a DRESS! Nearly took it off again, but I was pulling on my trousers and just thought 'uh' sooooo in a fit of confidence I threw on my tights, grabbed my dress and put it on and then hunted down my beloved boots ( and told mum I was ready to go before I changed my mind, and my clothes!

I actually felt great. So I shall be wearing dresses more, go me!

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