Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My new obsession!

Ok, review time.

This. Website. ROCKS!

I stumbled across it when looking for some nail polish swatches and book marked it, then spent half hour reading through random bits.
Well I have visited each day since and today I spent (unintentionally!) 3 hours reading it (I did cook, sort out eldest son and speak to hubby a coupla times too!) everytime I thought I had read enough, there at the bottom lurked another link I wanted to read, and then comes to A-Z of brands, and being a make-up junkie myself I had plenty to read through.
Then there is the great Wall Of Nails, now I have polishes galore so this struck me straight away, oh the heaven!
The reviews are honest, to the point and very down to earth. Charlotte, who writes the blog, is very down to earth, she is in no way like a scary counter girl of your local department store!

On the page there is also recipes, ramblings, skin care etc but I have been so enthralled with the make-up that I haven't really looked there!

All in all, I love this site and it will be a go to before trying any new make-up trends!

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  1. Thank you!! That's SO kind of you and flippin' made my day xxx