Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Simple Skincare, first use review

Ok, so my first review of this was going to be post make-up but I like to cleanse etc pre make-up so decided to try this.

So, on opening this I had the essential sniff. It smelt of nothing, well not quite nothing, its that non smell. No chemicals, no perfumes etc. I must admit to being a sucker for a nice smell!
I dampened my face and lathered a 5 pence piece sized between my damp palms to create an impressively creamy lather, no synthetic looking, washing up bubbles here!
I removed the product with a damp muslin, I use nothing less these days as I love the feeling it gives me and my skin.
All in all, actually a little gem, and not bad for less than £3.50 for the full 150ml size.

Onto the toner. I will admit I do not use, nor generally like toners. Cliniques Clarifying lotion for one is a horror for my skin, and it is not sensitive. I use when I feel my pores have taken on a crater like appearance, thank you mother nature.
I am also partial to the fine smelling, non stinging and glorious it is a heaven for the skin.

Back to the Simple range. Honestly? Just a bit meh. It had the same non smell as the cleanser, felt fine using it, but to be frank I could have just put water on the pad and I wouldn't have known the difference. There was certainly not traces of any grime or cleanser on the pad. It was just a bit pointless. Although for die hard toner fans, I would say that it is worth using if you have sensitive skin but don't want to skip toning, nor do you want to use virtual paint stripper on your delicate face!

Final step. Hmm, well firstly the bottle is super annoying. It is not a pourable moisturiser, it is in a bottle that has no pump. When you squeeze said bottle it gives you far too much and its not the kind of bottle you can put it back into! Pump bottle or jars for me!
Gripe over. Smell wise, it actually has a smell. It is a light, kind of natural smelling smell. Not really anything to write home about.
Performance wise it is quite thick, but feels light on the face, hence the name I guess! Due to the amount that came out I did have to wipe my hands to continue massaging it into my skin. It left my skin feeling moisturised but in no way heavy and was light enough to use on my oily t-zone. 1 hour later and my skin still feels lovely and moisturised.
I like it, but not sure how it will hold up as a night time moisturiser, but I shall report back in the morning!

Watch this space, trying these a bit later, or maybe tomorrow

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