Friday, 19 August 2011

Review - Simple wipes

I confess my sins today. I slept in my make-up. I know, I know, shoot me now. I actually forgot I was wearing it, but thats another review!
So this morning I used a wipe. I am a fan of using wipes to take off the general make-up and I also like to use a cleanser as well. But alas today I did not have time.
On taking the wipe out of the pack I was pleased at how thick and lux it felt, really soft as well. Sadly this is the only good news, I wiped, and wiped in circular motions to get the grime off and it just didn't feel 'cleansing'. The wipe felt quite dry, so I have put the packet to store upside down to see if the next one is more wet.
There was no real smell, no irritation and no dragging of the wipe.

The real problem came when I came to tone, two pads of toner, all coming up with make-up on them still! This tells me the wipes were not so good. So when my daughters friends have gone I have to go and cleanse my face again!

I guess if you come home from a big night out, these wipes would be better than nothing (says me, bit rich eh!) but I wouldn't recommend them for daily use, unless you use them pre-cleanse.

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