Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Boots Botanics Cleansing Balm review 2 plus moisture balm

Well I gave this a real test today, with foundation and mascara thats quite a grabber on the old lashes!
Again half a spoon, if that really, massaged over the face and even the eyes (not recommended for sensitive peepers) and after 2 wipes with the cloth warm all my make-up was gone! It still left a slight film but it went with a swipe of toner, which I only used to test for make-up traces.
To be honest the film left doesn't really bother me as within an hour its absorbed. If I cleansed and had to put my make-up on quickly, I would tone.

Onto the moisture balm. Ooooooh it honestly feels luxurious, having long nails I do have to tentatively wipe around the sides of the teeny jar! Teeny it certainly is, but the smallest amount goes far, especially if like me, you have combination skin. As it is night time I have used it all over, and I shall decide if I would use it in the day when I feel my skin tomorrow, but as it is it just feels soft and supple.

Both of these balms will be a winter staple for me, I really hate the tight feeling I get in biting winds and rain, so these get a thumbs up from me! Although I am hankering after a go with some other cleansing balms now!

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