Monday, 29 August 2011

Clinique Moisture surge Tinted Moisturiser

Moisture surge Tinted Moisturiser

I am not my usual colour at the moment, thanks to the 'rainy' weather in Disneyland Paris! I would usually buy a No.1 in most foundations, but am currently a 2. Although with this I ended up getting a sample of 3 as number 2 was just too yellow for my skin and I looked like I had been tangoed! For a tinted moisturiser it is actually pretty good coverage wise. But alas, I cannot use this unless I moisturise first, as it is nothing like the Moisture Surge stand alone moisturiser. It is far heavier and unless I spread quite quickly and pretty heavy handed then it is really hard to blend.I found that I don't need to use under eye concealer with this, and only need to cover a spot if it particularly red and angry (usually once a month!) I think I will buy this, but not until my face has faded to its usually white and ruddy cheeked look!

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