Monday, 29 August 2011

Cheap hair goodies

I am not loyal to brands, nor products. But if I find something I love I stock up, especially when its cheap. The links here are for Amazon, but Superdrug stock them, as do my local 99p store, score!
This Shampoo and conditioner are amazing. They retail for £1.99 each in Superdrug but they often do half price deals. Bargain century! I have never bought products for dry hair before, but was tempted by the breakage promise on the bottle. On using, well it was a revelation. I love the smell, it lathers nicely and the shampoo is rich and luxurious. The conditioner is thick and clings well.
All well and good, but oh my, once my hair was dry *hello shine*! Amazing, so I went and bought 4 bottles of each when they were half price in Superdrug!


So I decided to try this shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. They are ok, but don't seem to do much more for my coloured hair than the ones above!

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