Monday, 29 August 2011

Ciate Paint Pots

Closest match

I had a lot of comments on my nails since painting them with Ciate. The link above is the closest shade to what I have on, mine actually came free with Marie Claire magazine, score! But in 4 days it is being withdrawn from sale as the October issue comes out. I will say that I will be repurchasing Ciate in the future, it may even *whisper* take over from Nails Inc as my favourite! Now, I do not EVER shake polish before applying, but I dropped this before applying and couldn't wait until they dispersed so recklessly did them anyway. Bubbles on surface, gah! Next morning, smooooooottttth as silk! Amaze-balls! The colour is certainly eye catching, purple with teeny weeny flecks of red shimmer that catch the light and make the shade look almost magenta pink - be still my beating heart!

Update - These pics were taken today (bank holiday Monday 29th Aug) and they were painted on Wednesday the 24th Aug! As you can see there is mild tip ware, but thats from click clacking on the laptop! Otherwise I have to paint them again because the cuticle end of my nails is looking bare! Amazing!

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