Monday, 29 August 2011

Bourjois - 10 Hour Sleep effect

Well 2 things have become apparent, 1. I am lazy, this should have been done last night and 2. I need a good camera. Which may just happen soon since Mr. Mad is hankering after a fancy pants SLR something or other!
So links today I am afraid.

I must confess that out of my myriad of foundations (is there a woman who owns just one?!) This is not one I reach for often. It comes in a very limited range of colours. The palest made even my then, paler self, look like something from Twilight! So I went for Rose Clair, which when tested on my jawline, seemingly in the light of the shop, blended nicely. Until the next time I wore it and I had been tangoed by a banana! But now I am tanned it sits nicely. It is not matte, and it is not dewy. I didn't need much powder to finish, just a touch on my nose. Nice coverage, but not heavy. Did I look like I had had 10 hours sleep instead of the 5 fitful hours I really had. No!

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