Monday, 29 August 2011

What to do on a bank holiday monday....

Dye my hair with L'oreal Sublime Mousse
This pic prompted me into action, part grey, part
brown, part black, lovely.
I look impressed don't I? Now usually I rely on the Original Mad Mother to do

my hair, but she hates it and also dyed my carpet (living room btw!) a lovely shade of blue/black!
So it was down to me, and the mousse!

Its impeccably easy to mix, no more getting Mr Mad to shake until mixed, the formula means I don't have to buy two bottles, although that was post lopping 6 inches off.
It is virtually mess free, I do need to wipe my ears and shoulders but no more drips all over the floor, wall, my back, clothes etc.

But...... the wait, 30 minutes *yawn* Clearly I had got used to my excelle 10! So I sat playing with my phone for 25 minutes on the loo, fun fun fun!

This shows how non drip it is. It clings well to hair
I do not worry about slidage, it feels well and truly

stuck to the hair. Easier than most to rinse too,
but the conditioner that comes with it stinks, I mean stinks! Far worse than the dye, which after the cat wee smell has gone, is pretty ok.
I do use the conditioner but with this one I wish I hadn't bothered. My hair felt awful so used this
as well.
Tomorrow I shall post a before and after to show grey coverage and shine

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