Thursday, 1 September 2011

Musing about weight loss

Or lack of it at the moment!
Losing weight is hard, no 2 ways about it. It is even harder in the holidays! My loss has stayed at 12lb since the start of the 6 week break. Which in itself is an achievement! One of the worst things is that for the past 2 weeks I have not had breakfast or lunch, I have just been pick, pick picking! A dieters downfall.
For me, and most mums, the new start for regimes and resolutions is really when the kids go back after the long holiday. In fact my diary even starts in the September and not January!
Once I am back into the swing of things and routine is back in place, I can then focus on my healthy living again.
I will get back to planning meals properly, me and my best mate will start going to classes again, and I will get back to running. I also start studying again, how scary!
But change is good, also want to get on with having another baby if not Mr Mad wants a dog, I much prefer babies!
So Slimming World better save me some stickers as I will be earning them again soon!

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